Yes! It matters! In the US, regulations are very loose and claims are made by supplement companies until they’re told to stop - and some are never told. Transparency and truth are needed for anything you put in your body, and it is our commitment to always have your best interests in mind.

Our products represent decades of work and research in the health and nutrition space, and significant time developing dietary supplements that have a positive impact. 

We are committed to always providing the best ingredients, with the highest quality, and full transparency. With Sistem you can trust what you’re putting in your body.

They can assure you are filling in vital micronutrient deficiencies. As much as we try to get all our micronutrients through our dietary intake, we’ll still fall well short of optimal.

Yes! Not all vitamins are manufactured equal. Most vitamins and minerals need to be absorbed in the intestines. To do this it’s important to have a coating that is strong enough to get through the digestion process and breakdown in the intestines. So gummies, chews, and liquids typically won’t be strong enough to do that. Some vitamins actually have a metallic coating or a coating that is too strong to ever break down and be absorbed. (Centrum, One A Day). It’s also important to take more than one pill to get the complete recommended daily dose and spreading them out throughout the day is the best way to ensure proper absorption.

The potential benefits of consuming a quality multivitamin are numerous, here are a few:

- Enhances fat loss & muscle growth

- Prevents chronic illness

- Increases energy levels & recovery

- Supports a healthy immune system

- Supports brain, hair, eyes, teeth and cardiovascular system

- Improves mood & memory

- Reduces stress & anxiety

- Prevents muscle loss

Morning: Multivitamin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin D3, Probiotic

Evening: Multivitamin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Psyllium Husk Fiber

The omega-3 fats eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and alphaliolenic acid (ALA) might be more important to your health than a multivitamin.

These are essential fats, and necessary to consume, because we cannot make these types of fats from other fats or raw materials. Omega-3 fats are an integral part of cell membranes throughout the body and affect the function of the cell receptors in these membranes.

**TIP: Keep pills in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresh and prevent “fish burps”. Plant based EPA\DHA (flax seed, chia) is not easily absorbed by the body and takes a much higher amount to achieve the same effect from a Fish or Krill oil.

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, it's a hormone that our body synthesizes when sunlight hits our skin. Sufficient levels of vitamin D are important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. It can also protect against a range of conditions such as cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D helps support the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system, regulates insulin levels, supports lung function and cardiovascular and influences the expression of genes involved in cancer!

Hydrolyzed protein is whey protein isolate that has gone one step further in processing by treating the isolate with digestive enzymes. This process results in faster absorption within the digestive tract. In the case of protein powders, the more processed the more pure.

Hydrolyzed whey isolate absorbs quicker than any other protein source. It’s known to be the cleanest & purest form of protein. Due to its purity, you will absorb nearly 100% of the protein grams stated. While this may not sound like an impressive feat, once you understand the absorbability of other proteins and how much lower they are, you'll realize just how impressive this protein powerhouse is.

Protein blends are just as they sound, a blend of multiple types of proteins. There are many different types of protein powder sources and multiple concentrations and processing types within each source. This mostly affects the bioavailability of the proteins and the speed at which they are digested. A protein blend is best used as a meal replacement, rather than at time where speed of digestion or absorption is important. It's usually better tasting and more filling than a whey isolate.

Glutamine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins), found naturally in the body. It’s one of the most abundant and one of the most important amino acids in the body. Glutamine may improve gastrointestinal health, help in healing ulcers and leaky gut, help with memory, focus and concentration, improves IBS and diarrhea, promotes muscle growth, decreases muscle wasting, improves athletic performance, recovery and endurance, improves metabolism and cellular detox, curbs cravings for sugar and alcohol, fights cancer, improves diabetes and regulates blood sugar. The list goes on.

It is a naturally-occurring amino acid in the body and is used by every organ in the body. Creatine takes ADP and converts it back into ATP, basically recycling energy. Athletes supplement with Creatine to give muscle added endurance. It also draws water into the muscle cell (not under the skin) and makes your muscles fuller, stronger, resistant to injury and able to recover much faster. Creatine is also known to be effective on enhanced brain function, preventing bone and muscle loss, and improved glucose tolerance.


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