We're proud to carry ProTYM products. We choose them because they have a full transparency formulation with no artificial or genetically modified ingredients, providing 25g of triple filtered, hydrolyzed and intact native state whey protein isolate, containing 2.7g of naturally-occurring leucine as part of a total of 5.5g of naturally-occurring BCAAs.

    TYM™ Athletic Performance™ PROTYM™ Whey Isolate is THE PREFERRED CHOICE of top athletes and coaches at professional and elite athlete training facilities.

    TYM™ Athletic Performance™ PROTYM™ Whey Isolate INFORMED SPORT® & INFORMED PROTEIN® certified, assuring NO banned substances and NO amino spiking

    TYM™ Athletic Performance™ PROTYM™ Whey Isolate is the first protein on the planet to be certified Informed Protein!!!

    • Formulated by PhD, RD & CISSN Certified Experts
    • 3X Filtrated Hydrolyzed & Intact WPI
    • Fast Digesting & Absorbing WPI
    • Informed Sport® & Informed Protein®Certified
    • No Amino Spiking … EVER
    • No Artificial Ingredients … EVER
    • No Growth Hormones … EVER
    • No Gluten & No GMOs … EVER